( Ikiya-mamagokoro)  





期間限定イイ値品|Limited time
ご協力先|Special thanks



支援活動のいきさつを、手短に話させていただきます。それは、2011年3月11日以来のことになります。東日本震災後の物資支援の活動を、助成・義援・寄付金無しの主に私費でおこなってきていることを、わたくしの支援先の関係者がご存知になられたそうでした。その時に、普通では手に入らない貴重な大漁旗を、何かの役に立てて欲しいとのことで、支援物資としていただきました。後にそれを部分的に使用して、被災地内外の方々で各種グッズを製作させていただいております。 』

『We have crafted creative fashion influenced by "Tairyou"-flag,and japanese-goods. It seems that you can feel design and texure from only part of the flag.I think that you would really take and look at the flag.

It is said that "Tairyou"-flag(It is called Furaiki also) is being hoisted flag when a fishing boat sails to fishery returns to port on situation of plenty catch.For the sake of standing out and being superstitious(bringing fortune),the character of many flag's design is colorful.

I intend to tell briefly cause of support activity.It was since 2011.3.11.At that time after the earthquake, I met a charitable person at the support place. He could know that I had supplied support mainly at my own expense without money of sponcer or donation or contribution.
Then I was presented "Tairyou"-flags which were precious and ordinary unobtainable.Those flags were presented as supportive supply.They hoped that the flags would serve something well.Later on we made use of "Tairyou"-flag partially,people of both inside and outside stricken area have crafted each kind of goods.』


「vintage antique Tairyou-flag」


『"Tairyou"-flag is said to be flag that is presented by lelatives to shipowner in order to pray for safe sail and abundant fishery on the time of new ship building.』


『On our part "Tairyou" flags are used for the handicraft.Those are from 25 to 45 years old.』


『These Tairyo-flags are real things which were used in long-liner and large ship built in 1970s to early 1990s,』


『According to this Tairyou-flag, I can find out building day in dock-yard. 』


『This Tairyou flag's size is 2 meter in  length and 3 meter in width.』


『"Kangi" numeral which is written “Dai”… and the ship's name is drawn by means of "Hon"-dye.』


『Even if there are two clothes that have the same design of Hon-dye, they are not always the same texture.』


『I think that you would positively take and feel large-sized Tairyou-flag's texture of Hon-dye and art of Hon-dye which will not Iose color in spite of lapse of time.』





( Ikiya-mamagokoro)  


【 大漁旗看絆(羽織り)】



This precious haori is tailored by two large sized Tairyou-flags(2 meter in length and 3 meter in width).Those flags were from 25 to 40 years old and hoisted in the long-liner whose sailors were engaged in corstal or pelagic fishery.This haori is reversible,and we tried to tailor it smart fortunate sleek.
We would be grateful of your viewing in this time,please.Because it might be a seldom occation for viewing of Tairyou-Kanban.

Engimono:japanese lucky charm
Kanban:a workman's livery coat
Haori:japanese halfcoat

★★★[分類] 大漁旗 とーとばっく★★★


○Super tote bag of the "Tairyo" flag
This exellent and reversible bag is tailored by the "Tairyo" flag from handle string to all  four sides.



○Super tote bag of the "Tairyo" flag
This exellent and reversible bag is tailored by  "Tairyou" flag from handle string to all four sides.
We are sincerely sorry  that it remain engine  oil stain and other stain etc, because of unavoidable reason.




○Reversible bag of "Tairyo" flag
This bag is made up of sail cloth canvas which is smart japanese-color, produced in Japan.
Also calligraphy fabricof the ”Tairyo”flag is generously used for handle string part of the the bag.


★★★[分類] 大漁旗 しょるだーばっく★★★


○Two-way shoulder bag of "Tairyo" flag
This shoulder bag is strong and durable. This is made use of bright sail cloth canvas whose number is 8 of japanese-color, product in Japan.Sail cloth canvas is  used for clothes both  face and inside.



○Smart shoulder bag made use of "Tairyou" flag for the festival
We make use of one seamless "Tairyou" flag geneously for shoulder string.  I recommend you  are in company with this "Hikeshi"-design bag in time of the festival,please.


★★★[分類] 大漁旗ぼでぃばっく★★★


○Body bag of "Tairyo"-flag
This bag is made use of "Tairyo"-flag whose part is not seen superficially. It can be used for business scene.And it is excellent bag which is able to correspondto both dominant hand.The bag has high quality functionality.


★★★[分類]  大漁旗 革バック★★★


○Side type drawstring  pouch of "Tairyou"-flag and leather
This pouch is in collaboration with Tairyou-flag and produced in Europe, haute couture, glossy color leather cloth.

Besides It was tailored reversible for our part only.


★★★[分類] 大漁旗 布小間物★★★


○Wallet made of "Tairyo" flag  for travel
We make use of sail cloth canvas as material of inside cloth.
This wallet seem to be excellent which is tailer by "Tairyo" flag's part of "dan”-dye.

sold out
sold out
sold out
sold out



○Wallet of "Tairyo" flag  drawn "Engi" design
This is bag for small items which can be used as wallet also.
Plese enjoy "Engi" design which is characteristic of "Tairyo" flag.



○Purse of "Tairyou" flag drawn "Engi" design.
This purse can be used  as pouch for small items.Please enjoy Engi design of nothing but Tairyou flag.
sold out
 sold out



○Pouch made up of jean cloth and "Tairyo" flag
This pouch is made in collaboration with jean cloth between "Tairyo" flag.
This is stronger and more durable than first look.tems.Please enjoy Engi design of nothing but Tairyou flag.



○Pencil case of "Tairyou" flag
We tailored by Tairyou-flag for face cloth,
by japanese-color and produced in Japan sail cloth canvas for inside cloth.
This is stronger and more durable than first look.


sold out


★★★[分類] 大漁旗 あくせさりー★★★



★★★[分類] 大漁旗 しゃつ★★★



★★★[分類] 着物・羽織り★★★

We dressmade smart and stylish "kimono" for haori.

We dressmade smart and stylish kimono for gown.


★★★[分類] 大漁旗 その他限定品★★★





It is a short coat for disply or viewing which is made of "Tairyou"-flag and smart Japanese-design cloth.
It was tailored by smart Japanese-design cloth for inside also.



○Drawstring pouch of "Tairyou"-flag 
This pouch is generously tailored by Tairyou-flag's part of letter design.
It is strong and durable, because denim cloth  is used for the bottom.


★★★[分類] 祭り 網代雑貨★★★


○A pouch for small items (for example cigarrette case) suitable for festival
This pouch is made of “ajiro” weave and smart japanese-style cloth suitable for festival.
※ ”Netuke”type: "Manjyu" or "Kidama"(red,green,brown)
※design raw cloth:samples are listed below.


★★★[分類] 祭り 網代袋物★★★

※ 生地はカスタム可能です。


※ 木玉(赤・緑・茶色)根付けカスタム可能です。
※ 網代地は三種柄(色)からカスタム可能です。
※ 肩掛け鞄へのカスタム可能です。
○Smart and large "Singen"-pouch
This bag for small items is large size and smart design.
It is storng and durable. Because inside cloth is made up of sail cloth canvas which is bright japanese-color, produced in Japan.
※We could accept order for custom.
※color selection of material:"Kidama Netuke"(red,green,brown.)
※design of ajiro raw cloth:Samples are listed below.
※We could change this "Singen"-pouch model to shoulder bag.


★★★[分類] 祭り 網代肩掛けばっく★★★


○”Ajiro” shoulder bag
This "ajiro" shoulder bag is smart and japanease-design both of face and inside.
This is stronger and more durable than first look.
※we could accept order for custom.
※shoulder string.
※raw cloth.
※both face and inside  cloth


★★★[分類] 祭り 本革ばっく★★★


○Drawstring pouch of real leather and obi materials
This pouch is made in collaboration with smart obi material between real leather.
We would recommend use  as bag-in-bag also.
※We are capable of custom-made within appointed form. That is leather materials and strings in this case.


★★★[分類] 祭り 肩掛けぽーち★★★


○Shoulder pouch for festival
These are shoulder pouchs suitable for festival. Even a clapper can be gone in the large one.
※We are capable of custom-made within appointed form.


★★★[分類] 祭り 小間物★★★


○A pouch for small items (for example cigarrette case) suitable for festival
This pouch is made use  of smart japanease-design cloth and bright produced in japan sail cloth canvas.


★★★[分類] 祭り 和雑貨★★★


★★★[分類] 大漁旗柄風紙工品★★★

(Washi 17 sheets are used. Cover is Tairyoubata's pictorial design)
With combining washi of various texture,various Tairyoubata design(Noshime) are garnished on the reverse cover.


(Washi 35 sheets are used. Cover is Tairyoubata's pictorial design)
With combining washi of various texture,various Tairyoubata design(Noshime) are garnished on the reverse cover.


★★★[分類] 被災地就労支援・紙工品★★★



★★★[分類] 被災地就労支援・木工品★★★

○Tairyoubata Fukufuda
This is pictorial talisman which is drawn Tairyo flag design.
I wouId reccomend accessory for bringing good luck.